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We also provide a tailored face to face training within our BeMS Suite of Courses. Each one is tailored to each client targeting electrical and mechanical engineers, therefore enhancing their learning and resonation within their business. Blended training provides an optimised approach to learning, on line ground work, and then time to reflect with colleagues your findings.

UNDERSTANDING BeMS Level OnePART ONE” provides each student with a clear concise introduction to the component parts of a Building energy Management System in an interactive 45 minute eLearning experience. This includes a commentary on some of the acronyms and vernacular used by controls engineers.


PART TWO is conveniently located in London, students gather to discuss their findings and dive deeper into the fundamentals of a Building energy Management System.


The course navigates a building HVAC system with controls applications. Returning to the Energy Managers office looking at what can be achieved by optimising the Building energy Management System supervisor software, including how to better to understand alarms, and the importance of seasonal adjustments.

Haven't got time to do the Blended Learning...
Try our eLearning instead!


Excellence - Partnership - Teamwork - Creativity - Flexibility - Fun - Integrity

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of our business. We strive for that every day because we want to be a company we are proud of. 

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