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BOX Case Study
The Challenge

Box is an organisation that has created an online file sharing forum for other companies to use within their organisations. They are a huge company based across the globe. Being based across the globe meant they had great difficulty finding an economic way to internally educate all of their thousands of staff members. They came to us wanting a solution for this ongoing, challenging problem.

The Solution

Knowing that the courses were going to be going across the globe we knew we had to make the modules very clear and concise using simple but effective imagery to illustrate themes and messages. We created a catalogue of bespoke eLearning courses ranging from compliance to security, using illustration, interactions, scenario animations and quizzes to get the most out of each learner. We created charming and personal illustrations to tie in Box’s already strong branding and consistency. Each course takes the learner on a journey and then quizzes them at the end ensuring they are fully engaged throughout. We have worked and continue to work closely with the clients to create a powerful body of eLearning modules that will be timeless throughout their organisations lifetime.


     The reason we went with Optimised Learning is because they are very flexible, listen to our personal needs and have a superb attention to detail. They provide excellent customer service and always deliver high quality, unique bespoke courses.


Renuka Darbha - Senior Manager Business Continuity and Enterprise Risk

BOX Case Study
BOX Case Study
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