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Here at Optimised Learning we look for the best Learning Management Systems out there so you don't have to! We have an array of trustworthy, easy to use and manageable LMS's ready to pass over to our clients.


Having a suitable LMS is important for any organisation. The eLearning can be outstanding but if the LMS is badly suited it could destroy the ideology behind eLearning. You want a learning management system that will compliment and enhance the learners experience and whether it's a branded LMS desktop or a leadership board for colleagues to compare results, it all helps to engage the learner and take their experience further. 

Optimised LMS

What makes a successful LMS?

We understand that finding the right LMS is crucial to a successful learning experience, so we have spent time trialing and researching  the key elements to what makes a great Learning Management System so you don't have too! We have discovered some of the leading LMS providers within the industry to provide our customers with a varity of learning management systems that will suit them. Using our Optimised LMS option really does complete your overall elearning expereince. Our LMS options are customisable to your branding and requirements providing an overall seamless unified learning delivery system to enable your learners to achieve results and provide your organisation with higher productivity.

Optimised LMS includes... 

Optimised LMS - Reporting and Analytics
Optimised LMS - Ongoing Support
Optimised LMS - Multitude of Languages
Reporting and Analytics
Ongoing Support
Multitude of Languages 
Optimised LMS - Organise and Arrange Training
Optimised LMS - Customisable to your Branding
Optimised LMS - Reponsive to all Devices
Organise and
Arrange Training
Customisable to
your Branding
Responsive to
all Devices

So... how much does it cost?

So, you've probably been exploring the many LMS options that are available, and then you've probably discovered that the vast assortment of features, functions, and support services can make the decision process anything but easy. However, one of the key concerns that weighs on the minds of most clients is the cost. Does the LMS fit into your budget, and is it going to offer you the flexibility you need? Let's take a look at what we can offer...


Our Pay Per Learner LMS (Cloud-based)
Our cloud-based Learning Management System does not require any software downloads. Learners can access the LMS anytime, anywhere, as long as they have access to the internet. This type of Learning Management System is ideal for smaller businesses or entrepreneurs who are looking for a more affordable option, especially those who have an established  audience base and know roughly how many learners will be accessing the system. In essence, organisations pay for the number of learners that access the eLearning courses each year.

For example, if you have 25 learners/users that need access to multiple courses we would charge £23 per learner, which means you would pay £1,575 for 1 year, but the year after you would only pay £575 if you still had 25 learners/users. However, if you get more learners during the year, the costs will be increased to the next level. 

Optimised LMS - Prices


We also charge a £1,000 setup fee to develop the LMS into your own branding and style.


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