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Management Focus Case Study


The Challenge

Management Focus is a training company dedicated to running a programme of qualified management and leadership courses in association with the Chartered Management Institute and a range of training courses to meet professional development requirements. Understanding the business needed to be diverse they decided to bring us onboard to help develop courses as an eLearning option. Chartered Management Institute Courses are usually delivered face-to-face, however, these lengthy courses needed to be developed and branded so learners would be able to learn over a period of time and submit assignments all in one platform.

The Solution

Working as their Trusted Partner we offered a solution which was delivered within Management Focus' budget. We were able to design the courses at a high level as the nature of the courses focussed mainly towards Management and Directors. Learners were able to continue on their journey through the course viewing videos, scenarios, PDFs, theories and models. At the same they were able to write down their thoughts and use these notes at the end to develop their assignment. The assignments were submitted to the trainer, analysed and marked before informing the trainees of their success.


      Optimised Learning have delivered the courses at a very high standard incorporating our branding which is a success. The personal customer service they provide has been outstanding, they have provided us with information and solutions to enable us to grow our business and diversify into the eLearning world.


Alia Taub - Chief Executive

Management Focus Case Study
Management Focus Case Study
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