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Optimised Services delivers a range of services to support your eLearning strategy from full administration through to analytics and staff engagement. Our Account Managers liaise with the key stakeholders on a regular basis to provide detailed completion and trend analysis reports, as specified by the client.



Managed Service


Understanding your business objectives and goals, we provide a full managed service from scope development, course roll-out to analytic reporting and reduce training costs by up to 50% depending on client engagement and willingness to review current training delivery and supplier base. 

Talk to us about how Optimised Services can accelerate the eLearning roll-out in your organisation.

To ensure the services we deliver are business focussed, we are disciplined in managing performance centred outcomes on behalf of the customer's perspective. 



We deliver best practice eLearning strategies that improves workforce productivity at an affordable price.

Optimised Services - Consultancy Services




At the core of Optimised Services is the personnel who are experts in every aspect of an eLearning programme strategy. Our consultants apply dedication and years of experience to help you plan and implement an effective eLearning roll-out.


We provide the full range of consultancy services and support to assist in the delivery of projects with our supported platforms. 


Our eLearning development team will never start a project without the full understanding of your goals and objectives, meaning their full focus is on developing a winning platform for you.


Succeeding in today's environment requires people who learn quickly and flexibly to support their organisational and personal goals. With budgets reducing and demand for effective eLearning increading, it's essential to implement cost-effective learning that just works. 

Consultancy Services




Our skilled team will improve the success of your project and beyond. We know what it takes to get your eLearning off the ground and actively listen and respond to our customer's needs.



Customer focus is something that we live and breathe. 



Our eLearning skills combined with your domain experience and business specific understanding creates the winning combination.

eLearning Support



Of online learners choose business-related courses


Microlearning is more effective than traditional learning.


Of learners spend more time learning online than they did three years


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