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Problems with Corporate Training

Training is a necessity in most businesses, and for that reason companies sacrifice a lot of time, effort and money on it and see worryingly low results. The issue with corporate training is that it can seem very dull and never ending, the more we advance in technology and our organisations become much more complex, the more unqualified staff are becoming.

The problem with many companies is the lack of engagement, which seems like an over used term in training however it really is the crucial element to making your time, effort and money spent worth while.

It is really important that you keep up to date with the learning possibilities out there. The learning industry is flourishing and the different options for training are becoming never ending, although this can be daunting it is so beneficial to open your eyes to the various learning routes that you can take. This helps to enable you to spend your money wisely and make sure the training option that your organisation chooses is right for your employees. It is doubtful that a two hour powerpoint presentation is going to engage anybody, however that being said, it is also important to know that a fancy new gamified approach might not be appropriate for your business either.

Do your research, jump into the 21st century and embrace technology but equally get the right trend/ style or platform that suits your employees and content.

Traditional learning has it's place and always will have, however as a rule learning is not productive when the individual is simply spectating in a class. With only the odd exception caused by a passionate speaker or a personal interest in the topic most class room learning is boring. The learners seemed only successful because of having great endurance and a fantastic memory, it seemed to have little to do with actually engaging in a topic.

Although this is a generalization and all elements mentioned before (passionate speaker, interesting topic) can make classroom learning successful, this isn't easily achievable for most corporate training.

Blended learning was the birth of learning flexibility. Boring topics can be made interesting by using eLearning to add scenarios, interactions, quizzes and reminders and then the topics that need reiterating,. highlighting or real life collaboration can be achieved by traditional classroom learning. Mixing various learning options can really help invest into your employees, having the correct learning style for the appropriate content.

Investing into your employees is just an investment into your business. Therefor if you waste working hours providing boring training, you will gain nothing. However investing into the right training for your employees that is engaging and appropriate, you will in turn gain qualified and happy staff that are in the long term going to benefit your business.

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