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4 eLearning Trends for 2017

A new year equals new trends. Like every year the learning industry advances rapidly, and 2017 is no different. As well as taking old trends further we are seeing new trends and development rear their heads. So what are we to expect this year?


Learning is following in the same path as social media when it comes to the advancements and popularity of video. With the development of online video sharing through mediums such as Snapchat, Facebook and Youtube. it's no surprise that the learning industry was next. Videos are already a hugely popular option when considering online training for scenario based learning but it is said that the next five years are going to be all about the elevation of video based learning.


Micro-learning is becoming a huge revolution in the way we learn, not just in the context of online learning but generally with the way our brains work. We are becoming a species with a shortened attention span, this is down to our excessive use of online media. This isn't necessarily a bad thing however we do need to embrace this and grow with it. Microlearning has become more of a feature when it comes to supporting the eLearning. With the use of apps and mobile learning to work along side the online learning.


This leads us to our next trend, not a new one however it's growth and popularity predicted in 2017 makes it a high contender for the new years changes. Mobile learning has been on the cards now for a while, but still always had a fair way to go. The need for mobile learning is just getting bigger and bigger. People don't stop, everything needs to be portable now and for this reason, responsive technology is advancing and therefor mobile learning is becoming the next biggest demand.


When thinking about trends in online learning, we always think of new technologies or theories that have come out to support our content. However this year is the year for the content itself. Content is being criticized for being 'clumsy' and 'bulky', basically transferring information straight from a text book onto a screen which is ineffective and expensive, just give them the text book? So 2017 is the year for having more thought-out content, understanding the learner and making it more of a focused course with supporting documents: blogs, articles, forums and tutors.

So that concludes the main key trends for 2017, or some information on the predictions as nobody can be sure which way the learning industry will go.

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