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Popular Stocking Fillers this Year

With christmas around the corner there's no doubt that we are all slightly out of pocket. And there is also no doubt that there will be at least one techy gift under our tree.

We all still love a Terry's Chocolate Orange however tech gifts are understandably extremely popular, as they are ever changing and developing. Keeping up with technology is pretty hard and expensive now days so christmas falls at a great time to invest in the years latest gadgets. But with christmas shopping at it's peak this week, and Britons spending a record £5.8 billion over the four days between the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, what did we all want this year?

Wearable Fitness Technology:

Now who hasn't heard of the new craze that is fitness technology, well it's not new, but it is very much improved. It is at the pinnacle of success with reports stating that the most sort after gifts this year are the Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker and apple watch 2, These wearable fitness trackers are changing the way people want to live their lives. From tracking their sleep to their heart rate, these nifty gadgets have taken us all by storm.

VR Headsets

Another high contender in the 'most popular gift' award is the Virtual Reality headsets. From the Samsung Gear VR Headset to the Playstation VR, the gaming industry has always been a success story around christmas time but this year it taken off with a whole new gaming concept.


These GoPro's have also been highlighted as a favoured choice of gift. From young to old this cool pice of equipment seems to be a must have. As well as many photography gifts, from phone camera lenses to instant Polaroid cameras. The culture of taking snaps has meant that all camera gadgets are a sort after gift.

Smart Tv's, Phone, Tablets + Ipads

Tv's. phones, tablets and iPads are nothing new when it comes to filling our stocking, we have been after these tech gifts for many years now. However the advancement and choice has kept these in running for a long time. Forever developing, these are strong contenders and if you don't yet own one, expect to find one under your tree this year!

Home Technology

An additional new trend that has started to rear it's head this christmas is home technology, pieces of equipment that can control certain aspects of our homes through voice control, yes... it is very Wallace and Gromit.

Although they haven't taken off massively yet with the average Jo, and seem only popular with the more tech savvy, they are still in their early days and are thought to take off in 2017. From the Amazon echo to nests these gadgets can open your blinds in a morning or activate your coffee machine. It really is a new age.

It's fair to say we all love our tech gifts, and the advancement in these gadgets truly are taking us to a new place, and lets face it, any of these treats would beat socks any day...

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