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BeMS training that helps FM / Maintenance engineers ‘manage’ commercial buildings

Stand out and be the BeMS hero!

Be empowered to directly reduce the operating cost of your building and improve the working environment for your building occupants. You can also build on your knowledge. CV and for some professional organisations, this training can be used towards your CPD.

Building energy Management Systems (BeMS) exist in most commercial buildings and with a reasonable understanding of how they operate can make a huge difference to occupant satisfaction, energy efficiency and reduced hot/cold calls. Through optimisation, monitoring and managing heating and ventilation can be significantly improved in most buildings.

For those without an in depth knowledge, on-line training can help a facilities manager premises officer or whoever is responsible for a site, campus or portfolio of buildings have the knowledge to make existing assets perform more efficiently; therefore cutting costs, benefiting the environment and cut down on complaints from occupants using a building.

To buy or for more information click the button below to view more.

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