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Is Micro-Learning The Way Forward?

What is this 'Micro-Learning' I hear you ask? Well micro-learning is an instructional strategy new to the learning scene that looks like it's going to make big waves. Micro-learning is essentially a concise learning course, making it quick and easy to learn.

It is said that the millennials attention span is no longer than 90 seconds, and considering these will make up 75% of our work force by 2025, our learning needs to cater to their new needs.

Here are some reasons as to why micro-learning can be beneficial:

  • Flexible learning: The learner can complete the course anytime, anywhere! Meaning that the they have ultimate control of their learning. Studies have shown that the more control you have over your learning, the more effective it actually is.

  • Remain working: If employees are aware that the business they're working for are investing in training, then the employee is more likely to stay in the job.

  • A sense of achievement: the employee will feel a bigger sense of accomplishment by finishing 3 micro learning courses than getting half way through a normal length course for example. This achievement will encourage the employees to carry on completing the courses.

  • Cost effective: As with normal eLearning, it is known that online training is more inexpensive than traditional face to face training.

  • More focus: with attention spans decreasing and the increase in the flexibility of learning, microlearning allows the employee to really focus on small amounts of information at one time instead of being bombarded with lots.

So, with this in mind, would it be fair to say micro-learning IS the way? Many industry experts would suggest that it is, especially with technology advancing at such a quick pace which could allow for micro-learning on-the-go.

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